Different Types Of Beds And Matching Sideboards

Bedroom furniture shopping becomes easier when you know the type of bed you need. There are different types of beds for different requirements. You can choose beds based on the size, style, colour, material and other factors. Get matching sideboards with your bed furniture because in future you may be unable to get the sideboard matching your bed. Following is a list of some popular bed options.

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Panel Bed

It is one of the most popular options in the bed furniture segment. Its springs are used to support the mattress in the bed. The name of this bed comes from the flat panels used in the footboard and headboard. These beds are made with wood but you will also find panel beds made of metal and other materials. The presence of a spring box means the bed is taller. If you love the side bed skirt, this is the bed frame to choose.

Sleigh Bed

The curved headboard of a sleigh bed gives it an old-fashioned look. The advantage of this design is that the bed does not touch the wall. You get more storage space underneath the bed. This is perfect for apartments where the space is at a premium. You get lots of storage space underneath the bedding panel. The mattress gets support from slats so there is no spring here. The fixed slats mean better stability and support. The mattress in this bed does not sag for a long time. Sleigh beds are usually larger compared to the panel beds.

Canopy Beds

Also called four-poster beds, these beds look impressive with high posts. The crossbeams support can be used for placing curtains that form an enclosed ceiling. This bed will prove helpful if your room gets sunlight that you want to avoid during the daytime sleep. You get some privacy even within your room. The posts are also used for hanging the mosquito net. Enjoy an undisturbed sleep by keeping out the mosquitoes and insects.

Platform Beds

These beds do not have any foundation and provide excellent support for the mattress. You will find metal slats, webbing, wood slats and solid structure designs in this category. The bedding panel generally has a low profile not exceeding more than a foot above the floor but other designs in this category match the standard bed height.

Day Beds

These beds are designed for apartments where the small space can be utilised to the maximum. Both day beds and trundle beds are great options for such places. The daybeds are quite affordable with their minimalist designs. The unique benefit of this design is that it can be converted into a sofa like furniture during the daytime. Watch TV, read, study, or accommodate guests without any inconvenience.


Sideboards can be found in wood and metal. Some storage space is needed near the bed and some other places in the rooms, or you will have difficulty storing and keeping small items often needed at these places. Sideboards are perfect for storing such items. You can find different designs in this furniture category. Choose a sideboard based on the storage space, cabinet design, opaque or transparent doors, and slide or side moving doors.